CO.BN is intended primarily for local NGOs, Temporary Events, Micro and Small enterprises but there is no real restriction on who can subscribe for a CO.BN subdomain. Subscriber must be Bruneian citizen, permanent resident, company registered locally, or non-profit organisation. No restriction for subscriber to host the DNS or web hosting providers for their subscribed CO.BN subdomain.

As default (unless requested by the subscriber), we handle the DNS service for the subscribed CO.BN subdomain so that subscriber will not need to have technical knowledge in order to make it up and running. Subscriber however need to provide their web hosting detail which are widely provided anywhere in the world.

CO.BN Subdomain name with only 3 or less characters is considered Premium. Any subdomain names with any of the following characteristics are NOT permitted:-

  • Any expressions resembling words such as "Brunei", "Brunei Government" or "Sultan" or indicative of such Official or Royal names
  • Any expression resembling the name of sovereign country or territory
  • Any expression which is obscene, scandalous, indecent, contrary to law or morality
  • Any expression containing words that are religiously-sensitive, contrary to public interest or order, national harmony or any other social objectives
  • Already registered on *